In order to explain how I came to be “Just Bananas Over Soft Toys” I need to look back at the past.

Sometimes this can be a ‘fun’ thing to do & other times there are some sad memories that ‘pop’ into your mind. Rather than running from the past I think it is probably better to embrace it and cherish the ‘good’ things.

Many things influenced me as a person….specifically as a person with artistic interests. My Mum played a big part in me learning many skills, including drawing, painting, ceramics and other craft related activities. Books whether they be Novels, Picture Books, Magazines or Reference Books have been a source of Information and Inspiration.

I have barely scratched the surface right at this moment as far as adding Content to this section of the Website is concerned but I hope that looking through the other topics listed with this Page will be of interest. Some of the subjects listed are just the ‘bare bones’ at the moment but I will ‘flesh them out’ as time allows.

In a nutshell: Or should that be ‘from a banana skin’ (??)………….after trying out lots of different artistic pursuits, designing and sewing Soft Toys stands out as my very favourite past time…………at times it has bordered on ‘obsession’ which is part of the reason I say that I am “Just Bananas”………I may not be ‘crazy’ but I sure am “Bananas” Over Soft Toys.

For your Information, it has taken decades to come to this realisation!

But I’m glad I did!

To see what Youth Hobbies I have participated in click the Drop down & choose one or click the text of one of the following subjects…. Horse Riding, Reading, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Soft Sculpture and Papier Mâché  . I also enjoyed collecting various items for Collections and my favourite Hobby was Toy Making!


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