Stick Cover Extraction

Stick Cover Extraction Blog Post Spoonflower Strips WARM

So… you’d like to make a Carousel Style Hobby Horse using a Spoonflower Cut n Sew Design but the Stick Cover pieces are on a separate piece of fabric & you have no idea how to ‘extract’ the required Strips…right? Well it isn’t as complicated as it you might think! Follow this photo series to learn how…

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“Turn a Toy” Tutorial How to turn Fingers

Do you need a quick easy method for turning a variety of finger shapes the right way out?

Then this little Video could be just what you are looking for!

Just Bananas Over Soft Toys is now available for viewing on YouTube! Videos will include ‘How to’ Tutorials and some ‘Demonstrations’ of some of my early Youth Hobby interests.

There aren’t many clips available as yet but more will be added as time goes on………so keep your eyes ‘peeled’!!!