User Friendly Creative Space – Before and After

Reorganising your Creative Space to make it more practical and user friendly can be challenging especially when you have a limited budget. If you have a Sewing or Craft Room that needs some rearranging this series of Before and After photos might prove helpful and provide the necessary incentive to give your Room a Make Over!

Do you have a creative space that looks like the site of a huge explosion of the ‘creative’ variety? I know I do & sometimes it is difficult to keep the “Organised Chaos” tidy enough to work in so I keep my eyes ‘peeled’ for ways to make it better! My creative space is realistically called “The CraftyMess Room” though my husband loves to tease me by referring to it by the alternative name of “The Messy Craft Room”.

Is it possible to have an inexpensive “honest working craft room” that looks good or do we all have to aim for the ‘high price tag’ glamorous work spaces perpetuated by the glossy magazines? Is it possible for a creative person who also happens to be “Just Bananas Over Soft Toys” to live, hope, dream and create in such a place without going totally crazy trying to keep it in order?

Before and After view of the Resource Storage area of my CraftyMess Room

Messy Craft Room Versus CraftyMess Room

Which will win? Or is this simply a “cover up”?

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