What should I say “About” me?

Hmmm Perhaps you will be expecting some “slick” in a “nut shell” description of my creative passions. Maybe I should have ‘looked’ at how others describe themselves and pour myself into that same mould but then I wouldn’t be ‘me’ I would simply be following the ‘norm’ whatever that is! Let’s just say I am a unique individual ……and so are you!

But you wanted to know “About” me right? The short answer is I am who I am because of an event that happened when I was 8 years old. God spoke to my heart and I accepted Christ as my Saviour. Since then there have been good times & bad times and hobbies & passions and they have all led me to where I am right now! I could ‘pat myself on the back’ and take full credit for being a skilled Soft Toy designer but I can’t. I can see the areas that need improvement and there are many things I’d like to learn that would hone those skills. But ultimately I know that my ability didn’t come from within me out of any sort of natural inborn talent as dictated by chance and randomness. Far from it! God the Creator ‘gave’ me a gift! He showed me how to imitate His creative Power. The ability to turn a flat piece of fabric into a 3D representation of an animal or a bird is merely a second rate imitation and can in no way match the intricacy and awesome perfection of a real living creature. Making things out of fabric brings me joy and I hope that seeing the works of my hands brings you joy too!


"Hi" I'm Janette and I am "Just Bananas Over Soft Toys"...

“Hi” I’m Janette and I am “Just Bananas Over Soft Toys”…


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