Cut n Sew STARFISH “Free” Sewing Tutorial

“Free” Starfish Sewing Tutorial…. Doesn’t everyone love a “Freebie”? Includes: Pattern Pages to Download, a Youtube clip to watch and this Photo Tutorial with Links to all the Cut n Sew designs on + Best of all you can use the Starfish Pattern Pieces with scrap fabric for a Bunch More Fun!!!

Small children just love toys that they can ‘clutch’ in their hands…

They love to examine with their eyes, turning the toy over in their hands which is followed by putting it in their mouth to further check the shape, size, texture and taste of the object. Squeals of delight indicate total approval & let you, as Gift Giver, know that you have been successful in your Gift choice! The Starfish that feature in this Sewing Tutorial are sure to be a hit….

It is late Summer as I write this Blog Post so if it is late Winter where you are, just remember it is never too early to think about long hot days at the beach, the feel of sand between your toes & the fun of collecting shells & the occasional starfish! If you don’t like the mess of real ‘sand’ and real ‘starfish’ why not consider a Soft Toy Starfish made using an 8″ x 8″ Swatch of Cut n Sew fabric ordered from

Lift a Starfish from the sand

Gift it to a small child's hand

One banana, two bananas, three bananas! More!!! Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more!!!!! Making a Soft Toy is like that....take it one step or ‘banana’ at a time and you will get a ‘bunch’ done!

Hi I’m Just Bananas Over Soft Toys

Being “Just Bananas Over Soft Toys” is more a state of ‘being’ than a ‘name’ for a hobby/business! I feel like I am “Just Bananas” because I am so passionate & borderline ‘crazy’ (i.e. bananas = crazy) about designing Soft Toys.

Those of you who have purchased one of my Sewing Pattern PDFs will be familiar with my Banana Step Method which includes step by step Photos, Zoom details (close up images) and descriptive Text. If you haven’t seen or purchased one of my PDFs before then this simplified version of the Banana Step Method will give you a bit of an idea what to expect!

Before I show you ‘how’ to make a Starfish I’d better tell you what you will ‘need’ in order to make one….

General Equipment:

  • Computer, Printer & Paper (e.g. Copy Paper)
  • Sewing Machine (plus accessories)
  • Scissors (1 pair for Fabric and a general purpose pair for Paper)
  • Pins (e.g. Berry/Ball head type)
  • Sharp Needle for hand sewing
  • Unpicker/Seam Ripper (in case you have an Oopsy!)
  • Thin Metal Tube (or a sturdy Drinking Straw) for use as a Turning Tool
  • Wooden Chopstick (or similar thin, strong, blunt piece of Dowel) for use as a Turning & Stuffing Tool

To make a Starfish you will need the following ingredients (oops I mean) items:

  • Sewing Pattern pages = Click FREE Starfish Pattern to Download your Pattern pieces
  • A Video Tutorial can bee seen Here
  • An 8” x 8” Swatch of Spoonflower Basic Cotton Ultra STARFISH Mosaic Red Cut n Sew Fabric
  • Polyester Fibre Fill Stuffing or substitute
  • Matching sewing thread

Note: Images & Links to other suitable designs will be shown at the end of this Tutorial. Plus you can use your own fabric scraps!

So there is no slip on a Banana Peel Moment…I think I’d better mention that it is possible to use either a 0.25 inch (1/4″) seam allowance or a 5 mm seam allowance.

The Free Pattern shapes show both Cuttinglines so pick the one you would like to use.

Close up Pattern Shape STARFISH

On the fabric the Cuttinglines have been disguised as a ‘hollow’ in the ‘sand’ … watch the Youtube clip for an easy to understand animated demonstration.

Transparent Pattern 0.25 inch Cuttingline plus Stitch location

Transparent Pattern 5 mm Cuttingline plus Stitch location

Now it is time for the…..

Banana Step Method:

Step 1 Position Paper Pattern on Cut n Sew Swatch

Step 2 Pin Pattern to Swatch

Step 3 Cut around Pattern

Step 3 Continued: to 'lift' the Starfish

Step 3 Concluded: from the ‘sand’

Step 4 Unpin the Pattern

Repeat previous Steps OR

If you haven’t already done so watch this Video clip which demonstrates how the Cuttinglines have been disguised as a ‘hollow’ in the ‘sand’ ….

Step 5 Cut following printed design

Step 5 Continued: to 'lift' the Starfish

Step 6 With right sides facing...

Step 6 Continued: Pin leaving an opening

Step 7 Stitch leaving an opening

Step 8 Cut off tips & snip curves

Step 9 Turn right side out

Let’s hit ‘pause’ here for a while! You may have noticed two objects below the Starfish….’What are they?’ and ‘How do you use them?’ are two questions that come to mind.

The shiny silver object is a thin narrow metal tube and the other object is a piece of wooden dowel or bamboo skewer. They are used as Turning Tools. For more information about how to use these objects to help turn a sewn item right side out watch this “Turn a Toy” Youtube clip.

Only a few more Steps now….

Step 10 Stuff the Starfish

10 Continued: using a Chopstick as a Stuffing Tool

Step 11 Ladderstitch closed

Ladder Stitch

Ladderstitch looks like a ‘Ladder’ before the stitches are pulled tight!

If you are still not sure how to Ladderstitch watch this Ladderstitch clip

Mosaic Red STARFISH Cut n Sew

Yay! Now your Starfish Clutch Toy is finished! Ready to Gift to a small child’s hand!

Guess What? This is not the only Starfish shape that is available from Spoonflower…. there are more to make using the same Banana Step Method shown above…the only difference will be in the shape or colour of the Starfish!

A Bunch of Starfish

Now for the Links that were mentioned earlier…

ORDER Mosaic Red STARFISH Cut n Sew Click to Order: STARFISH Mosaic Red Cut n Sew Swatch

Note: Even though Orange Starfish are mentioned in the name of the design below it is only possible to make a ONE Red Starfish (printed fabric for the front & back of the Starfish) as the Orange pieces are incomplete and cannot be used. Sorry about that…. if you want an Orange Starfish use the link below the Image that follows this one 🙂

ORDER Mosaic Red Orange STARFISH Cut n Sew Click to Order: STARFISH Mosaic Red Orange Cut n Sew Swatch

ORDER Mosaic Orange STARFISH Cut n Sew Click to Order: STARFISH Mosaic Orange Cut n Sew Swatch

ORDER Star Purple Orange STARFISH Cut n Sew Click to Order: STARFISH Star Purple Orange Cut n Sew Swatch

ORDER Inlaid Purple Orange STARFISH Cut n Sew

Click to Order: STARFISH Inlaid Purple Orange Cut n Sew Swatch

There is also another design with another Starfish shape however you would need to order a Fat Quarter to get enough pieces to use the printed design for the front & back of the Toy OR perhaps consider using a plain scrap of fabric for the underside (back) of the Starfish to make even more Starfish = More Fun!

FYI: All these designs were created with Cut n Sew clutch toys in mind (the sand indentation is the seam allowance) plus even though the scale is large these designs are also suitable as yardage. Team them with this design which is intended as a small scale co-ordinate. Image the fun you could have with a beach themed playroom or clothing to wear to the beach! Something to think about as your child happily plays with their new toys!


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