Stick Cover Extraction

Stick Cover Extraction Blog Post Spoonflower Strips WARM

So… you’d like to make a Carousel Style Hobby Horse using a Spoonflower Cut n Sew Design but the Stick Cover pieces are on a separate piece of fabric & you have no idea how to ‘extract’ the required Strips…right? Well it isn’t as complicated as it you might think! Follow this photo series to learn how…

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Custom Fit a Bridle

Oopsy Wardrobe Malfunction Custom Fit a Bridle Blog Post


Oopsy! What do you do when your Hobby Horse Bridle does not fit properly? A “wardrobe malfunction” can be embarrassing, can’t it? Help is available!

Learn how to custom fit a Bridle to your “Wish for a Pony” Hobby Horse or Spoonflower Cut n Sew Faux Suede Horse. Understand why size differences can occur depending on the fabric and materials chosen. Make small corrections for a perfectly fitting Bride so your Hobby Horse is ready for play or display!

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Alternative Bridle Bit Method

If you don’t like hand sewing this method of elastic ‘bit’ construction minimises the need for a needle and thread. Machine Zigzag stitch is used instead of Whip Stitch as described in the “Wish for a Pony” Sewing Pattern PDF.

Below is a portion of the PDF page showing the Whip Stitch

Step from PDF Page shown in Alternative Bridle Bit Method Blog Post

Portion of PDF Page showing Whip Stitch

The “Wish for a Pony” Sewing Pattern PDF shows the folded Elastic being sewn entirely by hand. However, there is another Method that combines Machine Zigzag and a small amount of hand sewing.

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Arthritis friendly Hobby Horse Mane and more

Determined not to let Arthritis stop her from making Hobby Horses for her Grandchildren Maker Therese has kindly given permission for her methods to be shared on my Just Bananas Over Soft Toys Blog! Having experienced the inconvenience of stiff fingers and Arthritis in my own hands I appreciate the effort Therese has put into taking the following photos. Those with less nibble fingers may find it helpful to use the tutorial in conjunction with the “Wish for a Pony” Sewing Pattern PDF available on Etsy.

Maker Therese writes “Some may prefer this method, others may not.  I’ve learned a great deal of my crafts and hobbies from others who shared with me.  I’m just passing on the tradition. If this helps others to sew this wonderful hobby horse and get more of what is beautiful and creative into the world, I’m all for it… I’ve worked out another time saver for myself that you may like. I have 19 grand-children so far, with the oldest being 15 years old.  You can see why I will be making many of these, and why I’m trying to make it easier on my hands…..I think the beauty of your pattern is that it allows for everyone’s individual creativity.  I think the most serious problem that I will have, is to stop sewing them.  I love all the possible colors, the variety of yarns, and the sheer joy on a child’s face when I give it to them.”

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