Soft Toys Piece-by-Piece Remaindered New Old Stock Book

Sometimes Life, Love and Creative Dreams don’t always turn out the way you first imagined. But if your heart is in the right place rest assured that even the bitter sweet moments can make you a better, stronger person.

There comes a time when ‘moving forward’ is the best option. Now is that time…..

First published in 1993 as a part of the Milner Craft Series the book shown here is from the second print run which was done in 1994.

Soft Toy Piece-by-Piece available from

Soft Toys Piece-by-Piece is a Limp Binding/Soft Cover Book with 74 Pages including 4 full colour pages of Photographs.

Double Page Spread Colour Photos from Soft Toy Piece-by-Piece available from

Sample Pages and Photos from Soft Toy Piece-by-Piece available from

It measures 210 mm x 280 mm x 8 mm = 8 ¼” x 11” x 1/3” and as such fits into the Postage/Mailing Category of Large Letter less than 500 g.

Included in the Book is a HINTS Section which deals with the following subjects:

• General toymaking equipment and requirements
• Tracing the pattern pieces onto paper
• The selection and cutting of fabric
• Machine appliqué (Note: the various appliqué aids in use nowadays were not available at the time of writing)
• Embroidered details
• Painting with fabric paints
• Stitching methods and techniques for finishing raw edges
• The importance of tying off threads
• Seam-matching techniques
• Turning the toy right side out and stuffing

The METHOD used to create either, BUTTERFLIES, BIRDS or BIG CATS is detailed Step by Step & Piece by Piece with clear line drawings. The Pattern shapes are FULL SIZE so there is no need to use a grid to scale any pieces. A handy GLOSSARY OF STITCHES is also included.

Back Cover of Remaindered Book - Soft Toy Piece-by-Piece available from

On the Back Cover the Publishers have included the following description of the Contents of the Book:

“Make your own magnificent menagerie from just a few simple patterns – beautiful big cats, colourful cockatoos and parrots and brilliant butterflies. Children (and Adults) will love the velvet black panther, the furry tiger, the sleek snow leopard and benign pair of lions. There are patterns too for a whole range of birds, with detailed instructions on how to make them. If you prefer to start with something small, the butterflies can be made as toys or used as motifs for quilts, pillowcases or sweatshirts. With such variety of things to make, from patterns that are clear and easy to follow, even the most inexperienced sewer should be able to make a toy – after reading this book.”

This is followed by some information about the Author:

“Making things was part of growing up for author Janette Zapirain who first began toymaking at the age of 12. A firm believer in using talents the best way possible, she took up designing and making toys again after the birth of her first child in 1986. Born into an artistic family and raised on the south coast of New South Wales, Janette trained as an art teacher at Newcastle. She now lives with her husband and three children on a remote farm in the wilds of northern New South Wales.”

A lot has changed since the book was written more than 20 years ago.

A fourth child was born to the marriage that officially lasted 21 years. The Author still lives on a Farm in a remote but slightly less ‘wild’ area of northern New South Wales Australia less than 1 hours drive from the previously mentioned residence. Having been remarried for almost 10 years the Author now has a different surname.

But how do I know this?

Well ‘she’ the Author, is ‘me’….. I was the Author of:

Soft Toys Piece-by-Piece Step by Step Instructions

Now Remaindered Copies of this book are available via click here to follow the link!!!

These books represent some bitter/sweet memories for me. Not wishing to continue with the Publishing Company I requested that the book be Remaindered and the Copies from the 2nd Print run (that were still in Australia), be mailed to me. They have remained safely packed in the original 6 Postage Boxes for over 20 years.

Sometimes leaving the past behind is difficult but having the books stored away is of benefit to no one! Time to move forward….

Boxed Books Remaindered Copies - to purchase go to

I realise that second hand copies in various conditions and states of disrepair are available Online through various Bookstores but these are not Second Hand Books.

They are in top quality ‘as new’ condition. They are New Old Stock (NOS)!
ISBN = 1 – 86351 – 115 – 6

If you would like to own your own copy of my Remaindered Book or purchase a copy for a loved one I would be happy to include a personal greeting to the intended recipient.

For example:
For (myself) mother/daughter/sister/friend/etc (insert name) on the occasion of _ _ _
….or other wording of your choosing!

(Please send an Etsy Convo stating your choice of wording when Ordering your Copy)

Inside the Front Cover I will include a brief explanation stating that:

This Book was written when I was known as Janette Zapirain (former name/signature) many things have changed since then but my passion for creating Soft Toys has only grown stronger to the point where I am happy to say I am “Just Bananas Over Soft Toys”! I hope you enjoy my book with the knowledge that I have learned a Bunch more since it was written! Happy Sewing from Janette <><

I will endeavour to use my neatest handwriting to personalise each Copy of the Book but keep in mind that I take after my Mother as far as handwriting skills are concerned. Her writing was notably described by a school teacher as looking like a “Spider has dipped its legs in ink and walked across the page!” If you would prefer that I NOT write a personal greeting or explanation in the Book please advise me when Ordering.

Please Note: Anyone requesting a Copy of my Remaindered Book WILL experience significant delays in receiving it (especially Overseas Customers) for several reasons all of which are related to my physical location = out in the middle of nowhere in northern New South Wales AUSTRALIA.

1st at the Farm I have limited (from 1 hour to a few hours per day) access to the Internet via Satellite which is often erratic and frustrating. Rest assured I attempt to check emails and messages every day!

2nd The Farm is 60 km (i.e. 37 miles) from the closest Town with a Post Office (3/4 hour to drive). Someone from the Farm passes through Town 1 or 2 times per week. I will endeavour to have Envelopes and Stamps organised ahead of time to allow for the Book to be mailed as soon as possible after receiving an email notification (Order Confirmation) from Please note that the book measures 210 mm x 280 mm x 8 mm = 8 ¼” x 11” x 1/3” and fits into the Mailing Category of Large Letter less than 500 g.

3rd Australia is a long way away from anywhere else in the world and the 10 days to 14 working/business days that the Post Office suggests (for Overseas Mail) can increase to 3 to 4 weeks depending on the time of the year! Your patience would be very much appreciated.

I do hope that the potential delays will not discourage you from purchasing a Copy of the New Old Stock Remaindered Book known as
Soft Toys Piece-by-Piece Step by Step Instructions
ISBN = 1 – 86351 – 115 – 6

Phew….that was good to get this off my chest! I have been stalling on this for some time………..make that decades!

Now I can get back to what I love to do which is getting more of my ‘on scrap’ paper Soft toy designs into ‘Piece-by-Piece’ & ‘Step-by-Step’ format PDF Style.

There is always more to do when you are “Just Bananas Over Soft Toys”… 😉


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