Wish for a Pony Fabric Dream

I was ‘Horse Mad’ as a child and sometimes kids just don’t grow up! My Youth Hobbies pages document this fact!

Bay is my favourite horse colour followed by Buckskin or Palomino and sometimes dappled Grey. But then again Chestnut is nice too….and don’t get me started on Paint horses!! Plus all the marking variations if only I could make a realistic horse of every imaginable colour and choose from a Blaze or Star or Snip!

Well you know what? I am well on my way to being able to do that very thing. Check out this Page too to see the Spoonflower.com fabrics that I have designed so far.

On the 24th of February a Postage Box containing several Yards of Spoonflower Faux Suede fabric arrived in our mail box! Talk about exciting! I had big plans…

Faux Suede Sample Print - Spoonflower fabric

I wanted to sew at least four horses and enter them in a local Art/Craft Exhibition called the “Creative Mountain Art Exhibition” but realistically I did not have the time. Entries needed to be submitted by the 6th March which then allowed time to actually make the item before the Easter time exhibition…….but what about the Sew Mama Sew 6 Weeks of Softies Competition….I could make a horse for the exhibition and also enter it in the Competition.

On about the 2nd of March I made a decision. For once my head won over my heart & I felt at peace about choosing not to put myself under so much pressure when I had already made a commitment to get my next Sewing Pattern PDF finished ready for release in May. But why when it sounds easy & doable? Plenty of time!…..not for me….I am obsessively thorough and meticulous to the point of craziness ….I am Just Bananas Over Soft Toys after all. Don’t believe me? Then read this it just might explain why I say that!

I made time last week to test sew (plus photograph step by step) one horse using the ‘as printed’ option. I chose this option rather than the Optional Extra pieces that replicate the recessed/indented Eyes and Nostrils as featured in my “Wish for a Pony” Hobby Horse Sewing Pattern PDF available on Etsy & Craftsy because I wanted to double check that a horse made this way would look the way I had envisaged it would look!

Guess which fabric I picked!!

A friend of mine (if she reads this) will be saying “the Grey make the Grey”…sorry not the Grey this time!

I chose the Dappled Buckskin

Fabric Photo taken from a height - Spoonflower fabric

In case you were wondering how I took this photo I have left it unedited/trimmed. That is the leg (lower middle of the image) of the Painters Stepladder I was standing on & my head was touching the ceiling & the camera tripod was balanced on the Paint Tray!

For my horse I planned to use the upper section of the fabric and chose the Thin Narrow Blaze. As you might notice it is possible to make two completely different horses from 1 yard of the Spoonflower Faux Suede fabric. Plus there are 10 different Forehead pieces to choose from and you can use the fabric as printed or sew it using the Optional Extra recessed/indented Eye & Nostril pieces!

Here are a few close up images of the fabric taken before I cut the pieces out.

Fabric Detail Dapples - Spoonflower fabric

Fabric Detail Printed Nostril - Spoonflower fabric

Fabric Detail Mouth - Spoonflower fabric

“Yes” those are teeth you can see!! Plus a tongue!

Now for my favourite close up…the eye!

Fabric Detail Printed Eye - Spoonflower fabric

Put it all together & what do you get? Answer = my second entry in the Sew Mama Sew 6 Weeks of Softies Competition! If you missed seeing my 1st entry read about it here

BUCKSKIN Hobby Horse Spoonflower

Dappled Buckskin Nearside View - Spoonflower fabric

I just love the way the Dapples turned out. They were rather fiddly and time consuming to do. I know there is most likely a quicker way to make them than I used… but they are like snowflakes & each one even though they were added using a ‘spray can’ type Tool in Illustrator is completely different in size and orientation. “Fussy to a fault”….pretty sure I have been described that way many times….oh well sometimes it is worth it.

.Detail Dapples - Spoonflower fabric

It was quite difficult to get a good close up of the dapples because of the way the light shines on the pile of the Faux suede fabric (which is just lovely to touch & stroke!) so just for interests sake here’s a close up what the Illustrator file looks like.

Dapples made using Illustrator

Illustrator Dapples close up

More Details! I love details!

Detail Thin Narrow BLAZE - Spoonflower fabric

Detail Muzzle - Spoonflower fabric

Detail Mouth - Spoonflower fabric

Detail Ears - Spoonflower fabric

Detail Eye - Spoonflower fabric

I am so happy how this horse turned out and I hope you enjoyed looking through my photos.

Buckskin Cut n Sew Spoonflower fabric plus Horse

If you’d like to make your own Hobby Horse you will need the “Wish for a Pony” Sewing Pattern PDF available through Etsy or Craftsy. You can choose your own regular shop bought fabric or order some Spoonflower Faux Suede fabric. There are several colours to choose from including Bay, Chestnut, Buckskin (1 plain 1 Dappled), Palomino (1 plain 1 Dappled), Grey (2 different shades of Dappled Grey) and Black.

I was kind of hoping I would get my sewing and Blog writing done before now so that it might be possible for others to make one of my Hobby Horses & enter the Completion but I think it may be a little late now. Sorry!

Perhaps you have something else on your sewing table that you can enter. If so I look forward to seeing it in the Sew Muma Sew 6 Weeks of Softies Competition

Don’t forget you can use the hashtag #6weeksofsofties to see more lovely Softies!

Thanks a Bunch for visiting my Blog!

Feel free to leave a comment (that way I will feel less like I am talking to myself!) plus don’t forget you can find me on Facebook as well!


3 thoughts on “Wish for a Pony Fabric Dream

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  2. I have made my first Hobby Horse, so happy with the way he turned out. I am just waiting to get some ) and D rings to do the reins properly. I have blogged about it.

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