I was Hooked by This Little Fishy

Fishy Fishy Fishy…. Details Details Details I love Details!

Who remembers my Finger Pocket Fish PDFs? Here is a reminder…

Last November (2014) I participated in an Aspiring Designer Challenge via several Facebook Sewing Groups

Finger Pocket Fish

I released a set of Patterns that are available on Etsy and Craftsy.

Finger Pocket Fish 1 “This Little Fishy” Sewing Pattern PDF
Finger Pocket Fish 2 “That Little Fishy” Sewing Pattern PDF
Finger Pocket Fish 3 “Another Little Fishy” Sewing Pattern PDF
Finger Pocket Fish “Net All Three” Sewing Pattern PDF (this one is available through DIY Crush too)

One Little Fishy reminded me so much of a Goldfish I simply had to try to design some fabric and have it printed through Spoonflower.com

If you read my previous Blog Post titled Why I am Just Bananas Over Soft Toys you will know that I have been busy with a new PDF and undecided as to whether I should make time to sew a few items to enter into the Sew Mama Sew 6 Weeks of Softies Competition. Well with time quickly running out I have finally had the time sew two of the four fish that fit neatly on a Fat Quarter of my Spoonflower Sateen fabric!

Who wants to see my Fishy?


Can you tell I am Just Bananas Over Soft Toys especially those that look real?

BTW that really is fabric! It all started with the basic Fish Pattern shapes that are included in the: Finger Pocket Fish 1 “This Little Fishy” Sewing Pattern PDF.

Using a computer graphics program (Adobe Illustrator CS5) I experimented with colour, lines, shapes & tools until I eventually worked out that Blends were the best way to achieve the effect I wanted (when I have some more spare time I would like to explain part of the process so keep your eyes peeled for that….but don’t forget to blink….it may not happen for a while!) Goldfish don’t blink do they???

Anyway here are a few images that show my test print on regular copy paper using a home office Printer…

Paper Fish glued together

Paper Fish glued together

Paper Fish Fabric test

I folded the seam allowance inside and used glue to join the pieces including the underbelly pocket together. I was quite pleased with this experiment and couldn’t wait to have the fabric printed but as usual wait I must. Finally the fabric was ordered along with some new Hobby Horse Fabric designs (more about Hobby Horse fabric an upcoming Blog Post)…but still I didn’t have time to sew!

Last week when I was happy with the progress I had made on the Prototype for my latest Soft Toy design (soon to be a PDF) I decided it was time for a break…..time to sew & here is the result!

Paper Fish with Fabric Fish

Paper Fish as compared to Fabric Fish made using Spoonflower Sateen fabric

So happy with the result!

Loving the details!

Paper Fish compared to Fabric Fish

The fabric has a lovely lustre

Two Spoonflower fabric Finger Pocket Fish

Fish Pair made using Spoonflower fabric

Sewn Spoonflower fabric Fish from Above

Fish showing Belly and Pocket

In case you didn’t know the Fish can be used as a Puppet simply by inserting a finger (or two which is easier for a young child) into the strategically placed ‘finger pocket’ and moving the finger(s) or entire arm to imitate the swimming action of a live Fish.

Here is how…

Finger Pocket Demonstration

Demonstrate use of Finger Pocket

Back to those details….. The Fish has a mouth printed onto the fabric and scales that transition from yellow along the spine to deep orange red on the belly. The colour transitions were achieved using the Blend Tool in Illustrator. It is a lot of fun to play with!

Belly and Pocket

Detail Mouth Belly and Pocket

Plus an eye so there is no need to embroider one or add a Safety Eye!

Detail Eye and Printed Fin

I added a side Fin as well seeing as making & sewing one on would be too fiddly in my opinion!

Now for some close up shots of the Tail and Scales…..

I am so happy with how the lines meet up along the seams without me even having to consciously ‘try’ to match them up!

Detail FishTail - Spoonflower Finger Pocket Fish fabric

Detail Tail - Spoonflower Finger Pocket Fish fabric

Detail Tail - Spoonflower Finger Pocket Fish fabric

Plus a photo of the Dorsal Fin! Can you tell I had a lot of fun with this design? I really, really do love details!

Detail Dorsal Fin - Spoonflower Finger Pocket Fish fabric

I have to say I have always wanted to be able to make a Fish that really looks like a ‘real’ Fish. Discovering Spoonflower.com was a “dream come true”! BTW I wrote a series of Blog Posts called Custom Fabric Aspirations which document my rather nerve wracking venture into the world of designing and printing fabric.

I’ve been thinking that these Fish would make a lovely mobile. It would just be a matter of omitting the Finger Pocket or even sewing it as is (for a nursery mobile) and later dismantling the mobile so an older child could use the Fish as puppets!

Would you like make your own fish? If the answer is ‘yes’ why not check out my Etsy or Craftsy shop…

You could use one of my PDFs (there are 3 different Fish shapes plus a set of all three) and whatever fabric you have in your remnant pile or if you would like to make a realistic Gold Fish like the ones I have shown here you will need the:

Finger Pocket Fish 1 “This Little Fishy” Sewing Pattern PDF
….and fabric available from my Spoonflower shop.

Remember for best results select the Organic Cotton Sateen fabric it has strong colours and a nice sheen.

Cut n Sew Fish with Spoonflower Finger Pocket Fish Fabric

Organic Cotton Sateen Spoonflower for realistic Finger Pocket Fish

In case you were wondering if there is any fading or running when the fabric is washed here is a Washed and Unwashed example.

Fabric Washed and Unwashed to compare

Oh I nearly forgot!!!

This Little Fishy Spoonflower Fabric

I am entering these Fish in the Sew Muma Sew 6 Weeks of Softies Competition

Maybe you still have time to make a Fish to enter too!

Or just admire all the lovely creations #6weeksofsofties

Thanks a Bunch for visiting my Blog!

Feel free to leave a comment (that way I will feel less like I am talking to myself!) plus don’t forget you can find me on Facebook as well!

Fishy, Fishy, Fishy…..


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