Sewing Pattern PDF: Finger Pocket Fish

Fish in a Bowl or Tank can be a fascinating sight for a child. ‘Could I have a Fish Please?’
Reasons for & against granting the request may be many and varied.
“This Little Fishy”…“That Little Fishy”…“Another Little Fishy”
A very excited pointing finger wants to “Net All Three”!
Granting your child’s request in the form of a real live
Fish may not be practical but the gift of a toy Fish
could be a suitable substitute & provide hours of fun!
Equipped with a special ‘finger pocket’ each Fish is more than a
cuddly Soft Toy it is a type of Puppet! It is an action toy that children & adults can enjoy!

Finger Pocket Fish Net All Three

Each Finger Pocket Fish can be used as a Clutch Toy for a Baby or Child that will stimulate the senses and promote fine motor skills. Each Fish can be used as a Puppet simply by inserting a finger or two into the strategically placed ‘finger pocket’ and moving the finger(s) or entire arm to imitate the swimming action of a live Fish. Babies will exhibit great delight when watching the Fish moved in this fashion and Children will enjoy animating their own Under the Sea adventures.

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