Hobby Horse Tutorial: How to Create a Long Mane

The technique for creating a Long Mane is very similar to the Medium length Mane as shown in the “Wish for a Pony” Sewing Pattern PDF. The main difference is the use of a larger piece of Carton Board/Cardboard.

This Tutorial is a Photographic Record of how I made a Long Mane. A different sized piece of Carton Board/Cardboard can be used to create a Mane & Forelock of a different length if the size mentioned here isn’t possible using the materials you have at hand. Continue reading


“Turn a Toy” Tutorial How to turn Fingers

Do you need a quick easy method for turning a variety of finger shapes the right way out?

Then this little Video could be just what you are looking for!

Just Bananas Over Soft Toys is now available for viewing on YouTube! Videos will include ‘How to’ Tutorials and some ‘Demonstrations’ of some of my early Youth Hobby interests.

There aren’t many clips available as yet but more will be added as time goes on………so keep your eyes ‘peeled’!!!


Hobby Horse Tutorial: Parcel Post a Pony

I had thought of calling this Blog Post “How to Snail Mail a Hobby Horse” but instead I have swapped to “Parcel Post a Pony”. But having now mentioned “Snail Mail” maybe an explanation is required…

My understanding is that the term “Snail Mail” has become part of everyday language because of the speed of Internet Mail. For example if you send an email the recipient can read it within minutes or seconds if they are there waiting Online to open the message. Compare this to a regular letter being pushed through a slot into a Mailbox, from where a Postal Worker collects it and adds it to the growing pile in a van which transports it to the Post Office. Next it is sorted and then put into your Post Office Box or heads out on its journey via foot, pushbike, motorcycle or vehicle straight to your Residence Letterbox. Or if the item needs to travel outside of the local area then it might be put into another van or truck then eventually onto a train or plane and later it is resorted at another PO etc etc and thus the process continues! With such a long period of time elapsing from when the letter was started on its journey no wonder it is now considered to be “Snail Mail”! Airmail, Surface Mail…… does anyone remember the days when Mail was routinely sent by Boat? Those days you had to wait up to 6 months to receive a letter or parcel?

The Question is: How do I “Parcel Post a Pony”?

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Part 8: Custom Fabric Aspirations: “Wrapping it all up”

One banana, two bananas, three bananas! More!!! Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more! Making a Soft Toy is like that…..and so is designing Custom Fabric!….Take it one step or ‘banana’ at a time and you will get a ‘bunch’ done!

When there is a ‘Bunch’ to do it is quite easy to have ‘slip on a banana peel’ moments.

Sure it would be easy to just discard the offending ‘Banana Peels’ into the Trash Bin and try to pretend that there were no slip ups at all. Perhaps a better approach would be to turn those slippery ‘Banana Peels’ into ‘Virtual Compost’ and use them to ‘Nourish’, ‘Nurture’ or ‘Fuel’ the next Creative Adventure or long time Aspiration. How can this be achieved? Continue reading


Part 7: Custom Fabric Aspirations: “Bridle & Neckband Sewing Test Run”

It is a difficult thing to cut into a ‘special’ piece of fabric. It looked so ‘pretty’ and I did not want to spoil it or ruin it in any way. But cut it I must! I needed to get the Neckband & Bridle finished so I could mail the Hobby Horse to my daughter.

I cut the required pieces out and took a photo of them.

Neckband and Bridle pieces

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Part 6: Custom Fabric Aspirations: “Fabric in the mail…..”

After all the stress of creating the Bridle & Neckband designs and organising to have them printed I would have liked to just relax but I still had a Hobby Horse to make while the Fabric was “in the mail….” so I set to work cutting out the fabric as chosen by my eldest daughter. When I got to the stage of cutting the Wool/Yarn I discovered a potential problem….

Wool/Yarn knotted

Notice how the Wool/Yarn has been manufactured by wrapping a thread around the spun fleece. Without a knot in the end it will potentially fall apart!

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