Inspiration and Imitation - Huang watercolour using a photo as referenceI’m currently trying to learn how various features of WordPress work to see if I need to change to a different Theme or not. Currently I am trying to get my head around Categories and how to add “New” ones and apply them to a Post. I plan to have a series of examples of my TEEN HOBBY interests titled “INSPIRATION and IMITATION”. I loved to Read & Draw & Paint etc etc.

This was the easiest example to use of ‘how’ (when I was at Teachers College) I used a photo as an INSPIRATION for a Painting of my Asian University friend Huang. It probably doesn’t appear to be very relevant to Soft Toy making…but there is ‘method’ to my madness 😉

You see I am an ‘Imitator’……I enjoy realism. Even though this painting could be better described as an ‘interpretation’……for me to say “I am an Interpreter” would be totally misleading!

2016 Update: WOW I sure didn’t know much when I wrote this Post!

FYI: I now have quite a lot of content on my Permanent Page called YOUTH HOBBIES (rather than TEEN HOBBIES seeing as I was a little older when i created some of the art works or participated in the activities!)…..so go ahead click the Main Menu Tab for YOUTH HOBBIES to see what I am talking about! Or Just click HERE!