Mashed Bananas and the Release of my 1st PDF Pattern!

Well…..I should really have something very professional and slick to Post here to let you all (even if there are only a ‘Handful’ of interested people at this stage) know that I have finally after nearly 6 months of dodging farm work (as often as I possibly could without too many frowns!) finished and Listed my 1st Sewing Pattern PDF on Craftsy and Etsy too.

My Brain is a bit like Mashed Bananas at the moment…not sure I am thinking very clearly! Happy to say I have my 1st sale on Craftsy thanks to a very patient woman that I have been keeping in contact with!

If you check out the Craftsy and Etsy shops you will notice that there are 2 different prices listed. I ummed & arrred about pricing for quite a while. I struggled with the idea that Craftsy charges no fees (other than those imposed by PayPal)…but Etsy deducts a % and also has a small listing fee. The small listing fee is not an issue at the moment as thanks to a wonderful friend from Bulgaria I can have 40 free listings with Etsy to get me started! Soooo should I just absorb the Etsy fees and charge the same amount? Or is there a way to make a point of difference as far as if you pay more you get a better Product??? Well as it turned out the decision was out of my hands! Esty has a 20 MB limit and you can have more than one file. Craftsy has a 10 MB limit so there is the point of difference. I discovered that as I had created my Instruction section using Photoshop Elements that my file size was getting quite large. What I did was create a ‘page’ I could paste into a Word Document… a certain extent I could manage the quality of the ‘page’ via the Save as JPG settings of Maximum, High and Medium. Each page has three Image Text combinations. I couldn’t cope with dealing with a Word document in the regular way using Word Wrap etc etc..not one of my stronger points…but I do love to play with images. I figured I really didn’t have time to investigate other ways of achieving a similar result. The Pattern Pages are not an issue they are clear and to my fussy standard in both the Etsy and Craftsy files…but the Instruction section left me a little disappointed as I needed to Compress the file to get it under the limit. I redid the Requirements page (that I wanted people to print out) so that is was better quality (for Printing purposes) and left the rest as is. The Etsy file was not Compressed at all so overall it is very good quality image wise! So now I was happy as the on screen quality was good and both files were under the limit.

Are you confused yet? The point is this: The Craftsy File is budget priced (to reflect the slightly lower Print Quality of the file) and the Etsy file more expensive because it is a bigger file (MBs wise) rather than being more expensive ‘just’ because I wanted to have the buyer cover the cost of the fees! This way you get what you paid for!!

So now some links…


BTW can someone let me know if I have done the Links correctly please!! They seem to work for me!! I am BTW New to this whole Blogging thing!


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