2014 The Year of the Horse

2014 The Year of the Horse

Surprise Surprise! Guess what my first PDF Pattern for the year is going to be…..??? BTW it will also be my first PDF Pattern offered for sale so if I appear to not know ‘what’ I am doing that is why! 😉 So much to learn and now I have added a Blog to the list! I must be ‘Bananas” !!!


4 thoughts on “2014 The Year of the Horse

  1. Yay … your 2nd post 🙂
    I see you have made a few changes to your page, it’s looking great. I really like your new header, it shows more clearly what you do – always a good thing 😉
    Congrats on finishing your first PDF pattern; [(s)he looks very cute] it’s a great achievement 😀

    • Thanks Mignon… but….Oh how I wish it was Finished (the whole PDF that is)!! The Instruction section for the Horse is pretty much done but now I have the Bridle to do too! It is getting much closer now and I am getting rather excited. I redesigned the Bridle and I love the way it has turned out!

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