2014 The Year of the Horse

2014 The Year of the Horse

Surprise Surprise! Guess what my first PDF Pattern for the year is going to be…..??? BTW it will also be my first PDF Pattern offered for sale so if I appear to not know ‘what’ I am doing that is why! 😉 So much to learn and now I have added a Blog to the list! I must be ‘Bananas” !!!


To Blog or not to Blog that is the Question!

I guess that was my first ‘ooopsy’ out of the way…..I wrote my text all nice and neat…. just the way I wanted it….but now it was gone! Let’s see if I can remember what I wrote!

I was saying that I am new to writing a Blog and now it should be even more obvious that I am..oh well.

I joined some sewing related “Groups” on Facebook a while ago and I have been learning lots of new skills. One group in particular is very helpful it is called “While she naps softie designer forum”. It seems that it is better to write a Blog than to rely on the ‘Mathematical Equations’ that Facebook uses to ‘show’ your Posts to a limited amount of people. On Facebook you have to ‘earn’ the right to have people see what you have to say. With a Blog it is up to me to make what I say interesting enough for people to want to read and ‘follow’ what I say. Only time will tell….

BTW thanks Abby and everyone else from the designer forum who have been encouraging and supporting me. Not that anyone knows I have a Blog at this stage but you ‘gotta’ start somewhere right?

One Banana at a time!!… BTW did I mention that I am “Just Bananas Over Soft Toys”…??? Well I have now! Anyone else Just Bananas Over Soft Toys? I hope so or I could just end up talking to myself …wouldn’t be the first time though… lol, story of my life..but that is about to change! Just wait & see…thanks a “Bunch” for ‘listening’.